Want to add another unforgettable pleasure to your Eilat vacation? Board a boat and discover the real magic of the Red Sea. Israel's vacation capital offers many options for sailing and yachting down the gulf where you can enjoy stops at the most beautiful spots hiding among the waves.

Because Eilat is a seaside resort town, one of the most recommended activities is cruising or sailing on the Red Sea. Most cruises depart from the Eilat Marina, which divided into two: the New Lagoon, located near the Eilat Ice Mall, an extension of the old commercial lagoon, which goes through the northers boardwalk and the famous Eilat bridge and empties into the Gulf of Eilat and the Red Sea. The end of the marina is identifiable by the pedestrian crossing at the center of the northern boardwalk, one of the city's most recognizable symbols, and the two spits of land jutting into the water to create a miniature bay near the Neviot and Hananya Beaches. Several Eilat beaches offer aquatic attractions, but the highest concentration offering cruising and sailing options is located in the marina area.

In Eilat, you can rent many types of yachts and boats for a range of experiences for every age. You can embark on a cruise from the Eilat Marina and also from several beaches located along the city's long shoreline specializing in Red Sea cruises and sailing:

Kioski Beach: This beach, located in the center of Eilat, features a restaurant with an extensive menu, charmingly designed seating areas, lawns, and bridges for easy access to the water. In addition, it offers a range of water sports, including banana-riding, kayaking, ski-jetting, motor-boating, and parasailing. The activities are suited to the whole family and run by an experienced, responsible team of water sports experts.

Hananya Beach: This tourist beach is located off the Eilat boardwalk on the northern shore near the marina. Locals know this beach as the home of Eilat water sports, because of the many aquatic attractions accessible from the shore. In addition, the largest water sports club is located right here. There are water activities for the children, such as paddle-boating, kayaking, and inner-tubing, as well as more adult offerings, including ski-jetting, parasailing, and water-skiing. Moreover, Hananya Beach offers holiday cruises on deluxe yachts and self-driven motorboats. Hananya Beach also features a strip for simply lying down on – occasional forays into the water optional – including chaises, beach showers, bathrooms, a volleyball court, and a lifeguard station.

Electric Company Beach (aka Hashmal Beach): This beautiful piece of the shoreline hosts a sailing and water sports club offering an exotic atmosphere and fun water activities across from the Red Sea's turquoise waters. Popular with surfers and thrill-seekers, the beach offers rentals of surfing equipment, jet-skis, sailboats, SAPs, surf-skis, and catamarans. The beach also provides traditional Eilat activities, such as banana-riding, inner-tubing, parasailing, and more. Hashmal Beach is located on Eilat's southern shore next to Mosh's Beach.

Neviot Beach: This attractive beach operates Extreme Water Sports, one of the most popular water sports clubs in the city. The beach features a wide range of aquatic attractions for the whole family. It is handicapped-accessible and the beach amenities are top-notch. Among the leading attractions at Neviot Beach, visitors may find the crazy shark, the ultra-fast Tornado speedboat, pontoons for self-driving, and many other tried and true fun activities, including banana-riding, inner-tubing, paddle-boating, jet-skiing, and parasailing.