The Red Sea Beer Festival, an open event held every year during the intermediate days of the Jewish Festival of Sukkot (late September to October), takes place on the northern promenade where dozens of types of beer from all over the world can be tasted accompanied by snacks and live performances. Entrance is free.

The colorful Red Sea Beer Festival, inspired by the Bavarian Oktoberfest, hosts tens of thousands of tourists who come to enjoy four consecutive nights of a festive atmosphere, live musical performance, and of course the many types of beer from all parts of the world. Visitors can savor the wide array of well-known foreign beers alongside local boutique brews and beers hard to find in Israeli pubs. In addition, during the day there are several live performances by famous Israeli artists and ensembles as well as shows provided by local and youth talents. In addition to the beer and music, visitors can hop over to activity areas and fun attractions.

The festival is held along the promenade and entrance is free. The pubs and businesses in the vicinity of the promenade and the tourist center generally offer 1+1 specials, affording visitors a lively night of fun till the wee hours of the morning. The festival is generally held from Monday through Thursday of Sukkot, from 6 PM until 1 AM.

Visitors to the Red Sea Beer Festival can also enjoy everything else the city has to offer during their stay. During the day, the beaches are an obvious option. And if you need a fix of adrenalin, several extreme water sports are available all along the Red Sea shore. Within the city, you can shop for virtually anything without paying VAT and enjoy both international food and local delicacies at any one of Eilat's many restaurants. Just remember to rest during the day so you can stay up and enjoy the night.