Anyone who's ever visited Israel's vacation capital knows of the city's active nightlife. The bars, pubs, and nightclubs pulse with life and will keep you awake till dawn. You'll return home with indelible memories of drinking and dancing.

Eilat is the best place for party-goers coming for a Red Sea holiday. In Eilat, it's legal to consume alcohol in public and enjoy mixed dancing and fun in the nightclubs freely and without worry. According to Israeli law, it is illegal to sell alcohol to minors (anyone under 18) and it is illegal to carry open alcoholic containers in public (including glasses, bottles, and cans) from 9 PM to 6 AM, but alcohol can be consumed freely anywhere wherever alcohol is sold. The entertainment spots in Eilat sell every type of drink, play loud, happy music, and hold theme parties, while serving excellent nighttime snacks in a joyous, lively atmosphere.

Here are the ten best night spots in Eilat:

The Monkeys – one of the best-known pubs in the city, is located on the promenade at the foot of the Royal Beach Hotel, directly across from the water. The pub hosts local bands every night of the week and the music spills out onto the promenade. The Monkeys tables are set out on the promenade itself so guests can sit right in front of the Red Sea, sipping their beers and cocktails across the mesmerizing maritime views. The pub has a very large menu of drinks and serves fabulous bar snacks and light meals. The Monkeys is open every evening from 8 PM until the last guest calls it a night.

Bardak – is a European-style pub located in the tourist center that has been incredibly popular ever since it opened in 2010. The pub is actually a large patio overlooking the promenade and the Mul Hayam Mall. It offers a huge selection of whiskies and beers from all over the world and electronic music with DJs enthusing the crowd till the wee hours of the morning.

The Bears – a local pub beloved by native Eilatis, plays electronic pop during the week in a chill, laid-back atmosphere. On weekends, though, the pub becomes a dance bar with loud contemporary music. The Bears is also a hookah bar, offering a large drinks menu as well as a night snacks menu from nearby restaurants. Every day, the drinks theme changes, such as the chaser theme, the bottomless beer theme, etc.

Selena – a huge open-air club located in the city's northern industrial zone, will remind you of the party scene in Ibiza or Las Vegas. The club has a large DJ stage and laser and fire lighting, long bars, comfortable couches, and pounding electronic music. The site starts to fill only after midnight and party-goes don't leave before sunrise. Selena may just be the best place for tourists looking to party in Eilat.

The Brewery – is an Eilat establishment that caters to locals and tourists alike. Located in the city's northern industrial zone, the Brewery is divided into two spaces: the brewery itself where guests can go on a tasting tour of beers in every flavor, and the bar and restaurant where guests can have nachos, beef jerky, and fried seafood, alongside a local beer or refreshing cocktail.

Mike's Place – the southernmost extension of the successful pub chain, is located at the King Solomon promenade. You can enjoy the classic menu, pool tables, the outdoor smoking section right in front of the marina, and the sports broadcasts on dozens of screens. Mike's Place hosts local bands for open mic nights, and every day, happy hour begins at 3 PM and lasts till 8 PM, offering 1+1 on all cocktails and beers for those who like to get a head start on their drinking.

The Beatles – is a dance bar offering the ultimate fun of good food, great drinks, and amazing music. Every day is run according to its own concept, whether it's 1+1 on the entire menu or karaoke. The drinks menu is vast and the food is more restaurant than bar, serving yummies such as entrecote hamburgers. The establishment features 12 VP lounges and a huge bar seating 60. The Beatles is located in the tourist center.

Paddy's – is an enormous Irish pub in the city center, offering a great atmosphere, lovely music, huge screens showing football games, and pool tables. The pub has two floors. Downstairs is for those wishing to stay seated, while upstairs is where people go for pool and sports. The pub serves 66 different beers, 60 different whiskies, and flagship dishes such as the Irish shepherd's pie and Paddy's famous burgers. On weekend, the establishment hosts live performances under the open sky.

The Drink Point - is a bar serving reasonably priced alcohol. It is part of a successful Israeli pub chain. The Eilat extension, located at the heart of the tourist center, offers both indoor and outdoor seating and alcoholic drinks of various kinds, from chaser and glasses to Thai-style buckets. To complete the experience, don't forget to order the bar snacks. They're outstanding!

The Crazy Elephant – is a new party club, brought to you courtesy of the city's famed Selena. The club is open year-round and is the best place for parties in the winter. At the Crazy Elephant, you can drink and dance to contemporary music and guest performance by DJs from all over the world. The club has several high-end bars, seating areas, and VP lounges.