Israel's vacation capital can offer you a relaxed, restful holiday in front of the Red Sea, because it's perfect for anyone seeking a refuge from the everyday. In addition, you can find many eateries, discounted shopping opportunities, and luxurious resort hotel. But there is much more to Eilat than that. The city has an endless variety of attractions in the water, on land, and in the air.

Dolphin Reef - is one of the most popular sites in the city. It offers a full day of Red Sea adventure for the whole family. Visitors can get to know the bottle-nosed dolphins up close and personal in their own natural habitat. There are several dolphin observation points and you can even swim and dive alongside the dolphins with one of the guides at the site. Dolphin Reef is one of the most stunning beaches in Eilat and is perfect for visitors seeking rest and relaxation. And there is a very nice restaurant there too. The site charges an admission fee.

The Musical Fountain - the largest of its kind in Israel, is one of the most colorful and popular attractions in Eilat. Consisting of 350 jets spraying water up to 30 m high, it operates in time to the music played. The Musical Fountain offers a lovely audiovisual experience for the whole family. During the summer, there are also shows and water games for the children. Admission is free.

The Ice Mall - gets its name for the Olympic ice skating rink located on the mall's air conditioned ground floor. The rink, which allows visitors to ice skate in the middle of the desert, offers a unique and enjoyable experience for the whole family. All around the central attraction, you can find 150 shops, restaurants, cafes, and children's attractions. The mall, at the edge of the lagoon, opened in 2012 and its unique domed shape is quite a sight. The complex features more than two dozen attractions for all ages, making it a favorite destination for fun. Admission to the mall is free, but the various attractions are not.

The Coral Reserve - located on the southern shore, is a 1.5-km long nature reserve protecting the world's northernmost shallow-water coral reef. Underneath the surface of the water, there is a breathtaking, vivid world, with corals, fish, and other aquatic creatures, awaiting the human visitor. Perfect for diving and snorkeling, the area also lends itself beautifully to underwater photography because of the water's exceptional clarity. This location is one of the best for scuba diving in the Red Sea. There is a symbolic admission fee.

Water sports - The calm waters of the Red Sea are ideal for water sports, a thriving enterprise in Eilat. Along the shore, visitors may choose among any number of beaches offering fun activities for the whole family, from kayaking through ski-jetting and kitesurfing to paragliding. Many beaches offer the famous crazy-shark and banana, pontoons, paddle-boats, and more.

The Underwater Observatory - in Eilat is an enormous aquarium in the Coral Reserve. The park offers several activities and attractions, such as the observation tower with its breathtaking Red Sea views and the underwater aquarium built in the round, which allows visitors to view the large coral colony and some 850 multicolored aquatic species. Other activities there include "The Creatures of the Deep," a digital 3D presentation that "dives" down to 11,000 m under the surface of the sea; the sea turtle pool; the ocean simulator; "The World of Sharks" exhibition; and more.

The Camel Ranch Rope Park - located in the heart of the Eilat Reserve, is a great adventure for the whole family. The Camel Ranch Rope Park offers a high-rise adventure that is sure to jumpstart your adrenalin. The park offers 700-m long challenging ropes courses divided into three levels of difficulty. The park offers zip lines, climbing nets, swings, rope bridges, and even a high riding bicycle. At night, the park is illuminated by perimeter lighting and becomes a surprising and fun place to spend the evening.

The Eilat Birding Center - a short drive from the city center, is a gorgeous park where visitors can connect with nature and observe the many types of birds that migrate over the region. The park has well-marked trails and comfortable bird-watching spots that are concealed so as not to startle the birds. This allows bird-watchers to observe the authentic life of birds in their natural habitat. The park is planted with tall vegetation and features several ponds, making this a perfect spot for rest and relaxation. The park is open at all times. Admission is free.

Timna Park - features fascinating points of interest, unusual natural rock formations, and dry river beds. Among the famous sites in the park are Solomon's Pillars, the Chariot Paintings, the Arches, and the Mushroom Rock, as well as a manmade lake where you can go paddle-boating. There are many activities suited to the whole family, and at night the rock formation are illuminated with special lighting. The site is considered exceptional for viewing meteorite showers and falling stars. The park is located 20 km north of Eilat and can be accessed by car, bike, or tours busses leaving Eilat.

Top 94 Extreme Park - located right at the entrance to Eilat, affords visitors a range of fun extreme activities suited to the whole family. The air conditioned park is suited to the whole family with attractions for everyone aged 1 to 100. The park has a 19-m high cliff climb, rock climbing walls for every level, a mini-bungee jump, a circus trapeze, paintball, a shooting range, Go Karts, and even an extreme play zone for toddlers. The park also hosts the Negev Warriors Museum, featuring a unique exhibition of historical firearms and weapons from World War I to Operation Ovda and the conquest of Eilat. There is also a café and restaurant on the premises. There is an admission fee with different pricing levels.