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Eilat Climate

Eilat Climate

Eilat, the southernmost and sunniest city in Israel, enjoys ideal weather almost all year round. Its unique geographical location, which brings the Negev desert and the Red Sea together, is the main reason for Eilat's comfortable desert climate.

Unlike many other desert areas, Eilat's biggest advantage is that it is located next to a small inlet of the Red Sea, which, apart from its other obvious advantages, like bathing in the hot summer, a spectacular coral reef and a successful international port, it is also the one responsible for regulating the temperatures - as a large body of water in a desert area swallows up the heat, reducing it during the day and then emits it during the night making the desert nights much less cold.

Eilat's climate is considered to be co-seasonal. The summer is about 9 months long, while the winter only lasts about 3 - 4 months, from November to February. The hottest month of the year is August, with an average temperature of 42.6 ° C, while the coldest is January with an average temperature of 12.9 ° C.

However, even in the dead of winter or the summer peak, the Red sea water temperature stays solid between 20° C -26° C throughout the year, an ideal temperature for swimming, surfing and diving.

Eilat is the one of the most arid cities in the world. Because of the desert climate, rain in Eilat is considered relatively rare with an average annual precipitation of about 29 mm; a fact that almost eliminates the chances of your holiday being ruined due to unexpected rain. In addition, the average degree of humidity is about 23%, which is really comfortable.

Apart from the heat and low humidity, winds are also an important feature of the Eilati climate. Apart from a few southern storms that occur about the same time each year, northerly and northeastern winds dominate Eilat almost exclusively, which also contributes to the lack of humidity. Thanks to these northerly winds, Eilat has long been a favorite destination for windsurfers and kite surfers from around the world.

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