As the top holiday destination in Israel and along the Red Sea, with 2.8 million visitors per year, Eilat offers a huge variety of lodging options. Dozens of hotels and guest houses in the city offer over 10,000 different rooms, from luxurious suites in 5 star hotels to backpackers hostels, guesthouses and even assigned places for camping on the beach.Whatever you prefer just remember to book in advance, especially during the summer months.

Accommodation in Eilat can be divided into several categories: north shore hotels, south shore hotels, downtown hotels, holiday apartments and cottages, motels and hostels. Most of the hotels in Eilat are spread throughout two main areas - the northern and the southern coastal strip.

Beside hotels, the Northern coastal strip, with the beautiful seaside promenade along it, is full of shopping centers, restaurants, bars and a variety of tourist attractions. This is probably the liveliest area of the city, and the one with the most tourists. The types of hotels in the north coast range from luxury boutique hotels, to apartment hotels, low-Cost and all-inclusive resorts.

The southern coastal strip region however, is somewhat farther from the heart of the tourism area, and will suit those looking for a peaceful more relaxing type of stay, with a natural real connection to the sea and the desert. Here you will find the stunning coral reef reservoir beach (perfect for snorkeling), as well as the vast majority of scuba diving clubs. The southern coastal strip also offers various types of accommodation.